Transfer Risk Definition, Methodology and Ratings [Reading List]

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I am co-author of an accessible introduction to country risk analysis that also explains transfer risk (and convertitibility risk). The book is available on this website: Free E-Book about Country Risk Analysis

Online Sources

A.M. Best

Country Risk
Evaluating Country Risk
Transfer and Convertibility Risk [pdf file]

Bank of Jamaica

Standards of Sound Business Practices – Country and Transfer Risk [pdf file]

CFA Institute

Country Risk: A Tale of Two Models


Country Risk Assessment

Control Risks

RiskMap 2014

Euler Hermes

Economic Research

Fed (New York)

Risks in U.S. Bank International Exposures [pdf file]


Country risks [Convertibility and Transfer Risk]

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Transfer Risk Definition
Country Risk Classification
Country Risk Classification (CRE): Prevailing [Convertibility and Transfer Risk] [pdf file]
Historical Country Risk Classification [Convertibility and Transfer Risk] [pdf file]

Rabobank Group

Economic Research publications [includes country risk reports]

Social Science Research Network

Delving into Country Risk
What drives financial crises in emerging markets?

The Strategic CFO

Transfer Risk

University Western Australia

Country risk ratings: An international comparison [pdf file]
The International Country Risk Guide: An Empirical Evaluation [pdf file]

Transfer Risk

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