My Summer School Courses at Maastricht University in 2019


Country Risk Analysis, Critical Discourse Analysis and Geopolitical Scenario PlanningMy name is Leonhardt van Efferink (GeoMeans) and I will be Course Leader
at Maastricht Summer School 2019. To read more about my courses and apply for them, please visit DreamApply website.

Alternatively, you can click on the links below for more information on each specific course or read the impressions from seven students of my Summer School courses during the past six years (below the links).

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Summer School coursesMy Summer School courses

LinkedIn Recommendations from former students

Below you find the summaries of the experiences from seven former students during our earlier Summer School courses. These quotes are from the LinkedIn recommendations for Leonhardt.

Jakub from Poland recommends Leonhardt because “he is a very committed teacher who encourages critical thinking, embraces interpersonal and cross-cultural diversity and stimulates deep discussions.”

Juan Pablo from Argentina recommends Leonhardt because “one of his most remarkable skills as university lecturer is his perceptive understanding of different views as well as the formulation of challenging questions. Leonhardt handles group dynamics perfectly and knows how to integrate diverse experiences and perspectives in order to get fruitful learning outcomes.”

Selena from Turkey recommends Leonhardt because “he uses time very efficiently and lets you find the balance between putting a serious effort on the subject and just doing some brainstorming which in the core is what a summer school course is expected to be.”

Matthias from Germany recommends him because “Leonhardt’s extensive professional experience as a country risk analyst particularly benefitted the course: He constantly managed to round-up theoretical discussions with valuable advice and hints from a practitioner’s side. In addition to his proficient economic explanations, he added unique geopolitical insights to the curriculum. By this diverse teaching approach, Leonhardt excelled in illustrating to the participants the interrelatedness and complexity of economic and political country risks. “

Kathleen from Belgium recommends him because “Leonhardt is an enthusiastic teacher with a very personal approach. He made the effort to adapt his lessons and assignments to those present in the course. Moreover, he has extensive knowledge of textual and visual media analysis.”

Casper from Denmark recommends him because “Leonhardt brings with him a wealth of knowledge in Country Risk Analysis, Geo-politics, Economics and Scenario Thinking. He always taking into consideration cultural differences and individuals learning styles of his students. More importantly, Leonhardt understands the importance of linking theoretical models with practical examples from the real world.”

Roman from Switzerland recommends Leonhardt because “his enthusiasm and knowledge in the area of Country Risk was contagious and opened completely different perspectives to all of us. Personally, I learned a lot about country risk and the different drivers during the course.”

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