Frames and ScenariosTo achieve my mission, I offer my clients skills training, workshops and consultancy. More specifically, I assist organizations with strategic environment analysis in three different ways. Frames and scenarios play an important role in this regard.

To start, I bring clarity in how underlying framing processes within and outside an organization affect its strategic decisions. My consultancy and workshops on fake news can be valuable in this regard as well.

Second, I help organizations select the key driving forces of their performance, impact and reputation (strategic drivers). My focus is on (geo)political and economic strategy drivers.

Finally, drawing on the first two steps, I develop effective tools to build scenarios and risk models. These tools are essential elements in the strategic decisions of our clients. Our tools enable organizations to optimally use their knowledge of their strategic environment. Our experience with larger clients has made clear that a combination of frames and scenarios can be very productive as well.

If you would like to know how I can assist you with more productive use of frames and scenarios, please contact me.