Political Risk Indicators [Reading List]

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McKellar, R. (2010) A short guide to political risk. Gower. Great introduction to political risk that also includes an overview of key political risk indicators.

Online Sources

The sources below help you with selecting political risk indicators for your analytical framework. They explain definition, operationalization and relevance of selected indicators. Often these sources offer data for the indicators as well.

  1. Fund for Peace – Fragile State Index
  2. Freedom House – Freedom in the World
  3. Maryland University – Minority Group Assessments
  4. Reporters without Boundaries – 2018 World Press Freedom Index
  5. SIPRI – Military Expenditures Data
  6. Transparency International – Corruption Perceptions Index
  7. United Nations Development Programme – Human Development Index
  8. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees – Statistical Online Population Database
  9. Uppsala University – Uppsala Conflict Data Program
  10. World Bank – Ease of Doing Business Indicators
  11. World Bank – Global Governance Indicators
  12. World Bank – World Development Indicators

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