Political Risk Data [Reading List]

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Online Sources

The following sources offer valuable data for your framework to analyze political risk analysis.

  1. Adam Carr – Psephos Adam Carr’s Election Archive
  2. Amnesty International – Countries
  3. BBC News – BBC News Country Profiles
  4. Center for Global Policy – Global Report 2017: Conflict, Governance and State Fragility
  5. CIA – CIA World Factbook
  6. Freedom House – Freedom in the World 2018
  7. Heidelberger Institut für Internationale Konfliktforschung – Conflict Barometer 2017
  8. Human Rights Watch – World Report 2018
  9. International Crisis Group – CrisisWatch
  10. Inter-Parliamentary Union – PARLINE database on national parliaments
  11. RULERS – Heads of state and heads of government
  12. Visions of Humanity – Global Peace Index 2017

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