Political Risk Analysis [Reading List]

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McKellar, R. (2010) A short guide to political risk. Gower. Accessible and affordable introduction to political risk analysis that addresses conceptual issues, political risk assessment and political risk management.

Online Sources

These sources offer you different perspectives on the possible links between political and economic trends. Examples are the economic costs of violence, the impact of political risk on financial markets and frameworks to assess the impact of politics on economics.

  1. BBC News – Political risk returns to the financial markets
  2. Forbes – Political Risk Can’t Be Avoided, But It Can Be Managed
  3. Globe and Mail – Markets ignore political risks until economic growth threatened
  4. GPM First – Assessing Political Risk [Chapter 4 from aforementioned book]
  5. IMF – How Does Political Instability Affect Economic Growth?
  6. INC.com – How to Calculate Political Risk [by Ian Bremmer]
  7. INSEAD – Identifying, assessing and mitigating political risk
  8. Institute for Economics and Peace – The Economic Cost of Violence Containment. A Comprehensive Assessment Of The Global Cost Of Violence [pdf file]
  9. MIGA – Investment And Political Risk In Conflict-Affected And Fragile Economies [pdf file]
  10. RAND – The cost of terrorism in Europe
  11. Tufts University – Building Capacity for Geopolitical Risk Analysis [pdf file]
  12. World Economic Forum – Conflict costs us $13.6 trillion a year. And we spend next to nothing on peace

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