National Identity [Reading List]

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  • Anderson, B. (2006, original edition in 1983) Imagined communities. Verso. Possibly the most influentual book in the field, analysing how national communities are produced and imagined.
  • Billig, M. (1995) Banal nationalism. SAGE. Another influential book about the practices that reproduce shared ideas of national identity, and what effect these ideas can have on societies.
  • Guibernau, M. (2007) The identity of nations. Polity Books. After a chapter on the definitions of national identity, the book examines various possible threats to national identities, such as separatism, globalization, European integration, immigration and cosmopolitanism.
  • Hobsbawm, E.J. (1990) Nations and nationalism since 1780 – programme, myth, reality. Canto.This book explains how national identities such as the French came into being from a historical perspective, with great insights into key factors such as language.
  • Reicher, S. and Hopkins, N. (2001) Self and Nation. SAGE. This is a very powerful introduction to national identity from a social psychology perspective. How do ideas about the nation affect the individual behaviour and social activities of its members?
  • Smith, A.D. (1991) National identity. Nevada. This book has both a backward and forward looking perspective and stresses the importance of ethnic features in national identity.

National Identity

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