My Testimonials

economic consultancyI have assisted a wide variety of organizations with raising their geopolitical and economic risk awareness.

Below you find quotes from three LinkedIn recommendations for my work. Please check my LinkedIn profile for all recommendations.

International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN-NL)

Tina Lain (France), Project Lead Wildlife Crime in HoA

“Leonhardt did a superb job from bringing new insights in the investment and economic risks/ possibilities of these African countries to challenging our concepts and looking at possible solutions for the sustainable development/ investment of this Great Lakes region.”


Gordon Pendleton (United Kingdom), Senior Project Manager

“He led his own facilitation group in a friendly, courteous and inclusive manner which engendered a spirit of participation and cooperation in achieving the Working Group’s goals. His ability to mix easily with personnel from the 28 different Nations of NATO was particularly noteworthy.”


Casper Jørgensen (Denmark), Senior Operational Risk Officer

“Leonhardt brings with him a wealth of knowledge in Country Risk Analysis, Geo-politics, Economics and Scenario Thinking. He always taking into consideration cultural differences and individuals learning styles. More importantly, Leonhardt understands the importance of linking theoretical models with practical examples from the real world.”

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