My Mission

geopolitical and economic informationMy mission is to raise the geopolitical and economic risk awareness of my clients.

This mission is based on my vision on geopolitical and economic information. This vision has three layers.

Information Abundance

First, the abundance of information clouds the perspective of many organizations on geopolitical and economic risks.

This information abundance constrains the ability of organizations to manage global turbulence.

Information Complexity

Second, geopolitics and economics are more closely related than often assumed.

The underestimated complexity of information raises the vulnerabilty of organizations to unnoticed global interlinkages.

Information Quality

Third, the impact of particular interests on geopolitical and economic information is often ignored.

The overestimated objectivity of information raises the likelihood that organizations use information in a counterproductive way.

Better Management of Geopolitical and Economic Information

GeoMeans is the partner of organizations that seek to better manage geopolitical and economic information.
Accordingly, I help my clients with selecting, interpreting and re-processing geopolitical and economic information.

If you would like to know how my expertise in dealing with geopolitical and economic information can be valuable for you, please contact me.