My Expertise

economic riskMy name is Leonhardt van Efferink (PhD) and I am Director of GeoMeans. Since 2012, I have worked as an independent expert in geopolitical and economic risk awareness.

Seven qualities enable me to help my clients with geopolitical and economic risk awareness:

  1. Having analyzed geopolitical and economic risk as an employee of three companies and the Dutch Ministry of Finance.
  2. Ability to help my clients in multiple ways, including developing skills, making decisions and acquiring knowledge.
  3. Having analyzed the geopolitical and economic risk of over 150 countries.
  4. Ability to find the right balance between theory and practice, taking into account the strategy of each client.
  5. Awareness of the high diversity of perspectives among professionals, related to different national, educational and professional backgrounds.
  6. Ability to work with indicators, ratings, models, frames and scenarios.
  7. Academic background in both Geopolitics (PhD and Master’s degree) and Economics (Master’s degree).

If you would like to know how my expertise in geopolitical and economic risk awareness can be valuable for you, please contact me.

Photo: Koos Groenewold