Macro-Economic Risk Indicators [Reading List]

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Online Sources

The following sources offer you data of national economies, international trade and global commodity markets.

  1. BP – Statistical Review of World Energy
  2. Energy Information Administration – Annual Energy Outlook 2018
  3. FAO – Statistical Data
  4. International Energy Agency – Key World Energy Statistics 2017
  5. International Monetary Fund – World Economic Outlook Databases
  6. International Trade Centre – Trade statistics 2001-2017 and Foreign Direct Investment Statistics 2006-2015
  7. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development – Main Macro-Economic Risk Indicators
  8. UNCTAD – Country Profiles and Data Center
  9. U.S. Geological Survey – Commodity Statistics and Information and International Minerals Statistics and Information and Mineral Commodity Summaries 2015
  10. World Bank – Commodity markets and Global Economic Prospects and Joint BIS-IMF-OECD-World Bank debt statistics tables on external debt and World Development Indicators
  11. World Trade Organisation – World Trade Statistical Review
  12. World Travel-Tourism Council – Country Reports