Geopolitical Scenario Planning [Reading List]

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There are no books about geopolitical scenario planning yet. I would advise you to read books about geopolitics in combination with the books about scenario planning below.

  • Van der Heijden, K. (2005) Scenarios. The Art of Strategic Conversation. Wiley. This boook ofers a more advanced introduction to scenario planning, with a focus on how it can be successfully implemented within organisations.
  • Kelly, E. (2006) Powerful Times. Rising to the Challenge of our Uncertain World. Wharton School Publishing. The book is full of stimulating thoughts of how we tend too imagine our past, present and future, and how we can enrich these imaginations by preventing to think in either-or terms.
  • Lindgren, M. and Bandhold, H. (2009) Scenario Planning. The Link between Future and Strategy. Palgrave. This is a very rich book that offers plenty of ways to structure the scenario planning process as workshop or as practice within a company.
  • Schwartz, P. (1996) The Art of the Long View – Planning for the Future in an Uncertain World. Wiley. Despite its age, this book still forms an excellent introduction to scenario planning.

Online Sources

Geopolitical Scenario Planning is still in its early stages. Therefore, there are hardly any sources available that deal with it directly.

World Economic Forum

Global Risks 2015

Geopolitical Scenario Planning

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