Energy Security [Reading List]

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Online Sources

Russian and European gas interdependence – Can market forces balance out geopolitics? [pdf file]

Baker Institute

Center for Energy Studies
Shale Gas and U.S. National Security
New Alignments? The Geopolitics of Gas and Oil Cartels and the Changing Middle East

BBC News

Energy fuels new ‘Great Game’ in Europe

Brookings Institution

The Geopolitics of Energy: From Security to Survival
China and America Need Not Be Energy Rivals


Energy Alarmism – The Myths That Make Americans Worry about Oil

Centre of International Relations

China’s Conception of Energy Security: Sources and International Impacts [pdf file]

Center for Strategic and International Studies

The Geopolitics of Russian Energy [pdf file]
Growing Chinese Energy Demand: Is the World in Denial? [pdf file]

Chatham House

What Next for the Oil and Gas Industry?
Oil Prices: Energy Investment, Political Stability in the Exporting Countries and OPEC’s Dilemma
The ‘Shale Gas Revolution’: Developments and Changes

Clingendael International Energy Program (CIEP)

The New Dimensions of Geopolitics [Natural Gas]
The Changed Geopolitics of Energy and Climate and the Challenge for Europe: a geopolitical and European perspective on the triple agenda of competition, energy security and sustainability]

Council on Foreign Relations

Russia’s Energy Disputes

Real Instituto Elcano

Oil Nationalism, the Oil Industry and Energy Security Concerns [pdf file]
Russia and Europe: Mutual Dependence in the Energy Sector [pdf file]
Emerging Economies and the New Energy Security Agenda
Revisiting Energy Security [pdf file]

Energy Information Administration

World oil transit chokepoints critical to global energy security

International Energy Agency

Energy security
Gas Trade Flows in Europe [map]

European Commission

Energy Security Strategy

Harvard Kennedy School

The Geopolitics of Natural Gas [pdf file]

Journal of Energy Security

Hindsight and Foresight in Gauging Our Energy Future

Last Oil Shock

Interactive Oil Depletion Atlas

OECD Observer

21st century energy: Some sobering thoughts
Energy: Finding a new gear

Oxford Institute for Energy Studies


Washington Institute

Reducing Vulnerability to Middle East Energy Shocks: A Key Element in Strengthening U.S. Energy Security

Energy Security

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