Critical Discourse Analysis [Reading List]

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  • Bell, A. and Garrett, P. (1998) Approaches to media discourse. Blackwell.
  • Bell, A. (1991) The language of the news. Blackwell.
  • Bloor, M. and Bllor, T. (2007) The practice of critical discourse analysis. An introduction. Hodder.
  • Fowler, R. (1991) Language in the news. Discourse and ideology in the press. Routledge.
  • Jørgensen, M. and Phillips, L. (2002) Discourse analysis. As theory and method. SAGE.
  • Machin, D. and Mayr, A. (2012) How to do critical discourse analysis. A multimodal introduction. SAGE.
  • Richardson, J. (2007) Analysing newspapers. An approach from critical discourse analysis. Palgrave.
  • Van Leeuwen, T. (2008) Discourse and practice. New tools for critical discourse analysis. Oxford University Press.

Critical Discourse Analysis

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