Country Risk Analysis 2: Macro-Economic Risk Indicators, Causal Chain Tool and Recession Scenarios for China [Summer School]

This description applies to an earlier year. For links to my 2019 Summer School courses at Maastricht University, please have a look at this overview.

The current economic recession in Brazil, the unusual budget deficit of Saudi Arabia and the uncertain growth prospects of China underline the continued importance of country risk analysis for companies. This course teaches you the skills necessary to study country risks in Emerging Markets from an economic perspective, with a special focus on China’s future growth path.

What are the most important macro-economic risk indicators? How are they linked to other indicators and country risk? And under which circumstances would China, the world’s long-time growth engine, end up in a recession? To answer these questions, you do two individual assignments in which you analyse data for one macro-economic risk indicator from Brazil, China, India, Russia and South Africa. Another individual assignment concerns the use of the causal chain tool to visualize how a change in a particular indicator would affect country risk directly and indirectly. In a final group assignment, you develop scenarios in which China’s economic growth rate goes down and eventually becomes negative. You present all your findings in class. Interactive lectures and roundtable discussions help you prepare for your assignments.

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2 thoughts on “Country Risk Analysis 2: Macro-Economic Risk Indicators, Causal Chain Tool and Recession Scenarios for China [Summer School]

  • 2017 (February) at 12:36

    Hello, I am strongly interested in this course, but I am not able to see the fee for the course; where can I get that info? Also, I assume that I have to apply through Maastricht University website?

    Thanks in advance!

    • 2017 (February) at 11:25

      Dear Ankur,
      Many thanks for your message. The course fee is €600 this year, and you can apply for the course on this website: (see also the link on top of this page!)
      Please let me know if you have any further questions.
      Kind regards,


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